Apple iPhone 8: no fingerprint reader and split status bar

As the release date of the new Apple iPhone 8 increases rumors and leaks on the company’s new phone. Every year the expectation is maximum and from weeks before they begin to confirm by third sources some of the surprises and novelties that have prepared those of Cupertino.

Apple iPhone 8

If this Monday we knew by mistake that in all likelihood will be the final design of the new smartphone Apple while it was confirmed with certainty that the great novelty of the Apple iPhone 8 will be the facial recognition feature that will recognize the face in the dark or in places with little light, today we have known new supposed final characteristics. Among them, the Apple iPhone 8 will have no fingerprint reader to unlock the terminal, which will include a divisible status bar on the screen, an enhancement Tap to wake function and disappear the physical Home button.

For some time, one of the rumors that more force was acquiring is that the company of Cupertino was thinking to make disappear the button of fingerprints that served to unlock the terminal. So it will be on the new mobile, since the iPhone 8 does not seem to have integrated Touch ID on the screen as it has been rumored for months. How would the new iPhone unlocked?

Everything indicates that, in addition to the usual code options, the new Apple mobile would have the function of powerful and reliable facial recognition to unlock the screen. We have been many who have thought that if included this button would play a secondary function and would go below the screen or that would not be directly present. This last option is the one that begins to take more force as the hours pass.

So far we knew that the Apple iPhone 8 will arrive with a screen without frames except a small rectangle located at the top where the camera will go for 3D recognition and sensors. But this is not the only novelty we will see on the main screen. The iPhone 8 will have a status bar divisible on the screen, which the user can modify according to their needs of use. This bar includes information about the connection (maybe with 5G option in the future), battery level, WiFi, Bluetooth and time, and seems to be “much more complex and powerful in design”, in the words of Troughton – Smith.

Another feature we have seen in the last few hours is that a function Tap to wake or Raise to enable more powerful. Users of Apple Watch and the latest iPhone are sure to familiarize this feature that illuminates the screen when we lift the arm of the clock or take the iPhone. Apparently, the screen of the Apple iPhone 8 will light not only when we tilt it, also when we make a double touch , which in all probability will make the Home button disappear as we know it right now.

Specifically, this button will no longer be physical but will become a zone of functions that will integrate several controls and may be hidden for certain activities that require the full screen, such as videos.

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