Apple iPhone 8 price can be same as Galaxy Note 8

Apple iPhone 8, the next smartphone that Apple is preparing to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone, will surpass all the sales price records in the sector.

Apple iPhone 8

According to the Apple specialist and usual information filterer (usually with accuracy in his forecasts), John Gruber, an iPhone 8 with 64GB storage could be priced above $ 1,200, but will depend on the time of launch.

Analysts already expected the Apple iPhone 8 to beat all price records on smartphones, but Gruber goes even further citing the limited production issues of the OLED panel that will mount the terminal and a limited launch in units. Apple also would market two other terminals called iPhone 7s as an upgrade of the current models, iPhone 7, and with a cheaper price below 700 dollars in its base model.

In addition to the OLED display, Apple iPhone 8 will have other new features, such as a sensor bar and cameras at the top to offer features such as facial recognition and iris that may replace the fingerprint sensor as an authentication method, once Apple intends to eliminate the classic start button.

A new Apple A11 chipset , support for LTE-A (up to 450 Mbps in download), support for wireless charging, the new iOS 11 operating system or a new mirror finish that appeared yesterday from another filter and you can see in the image Cover, would complete the main novelties.

We will see 1,200 dollars takes the Apple iPhone 8 away from the consumer market and places it in the luxury segment. Sure it sells by thousands, but it should be mentioned that the price is more than double what it costs the best Windows Phone terminal that is none other than the HP Elite x3. Or almost twice as many models as Galaxy S8 or LG G6 with Android.

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