Apple iPhone 8: Release Date can be 8 September

Soon we will see the new Apple iPhone 8 from Apple. At least, our experience shows this: Apple has a tradition to unveil new phones in September, which is only two months later.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

With so many rumors circling around new iPhones that are expected to appear this year, it was difficult for Apple to keep it a secret.

We already have a common understanding of the new Apple iPhone 8: rumors are drawing a phone with a large OLED display with a new aspect ratio in a smaller package, a new design with glass on the back and front and a metal frame, and a new 3D face scanning technology that can replace or increase the fingerprint reader’s touch ID.

But what about the expected price of this new supercharged iPhone 8 and its congeners?

Apple is expected to put it in place when placing a feature on the iPhone 8 and positioning it as a new type of “pro” phone with a high price associated with such a device. Although we do not have any information, there is a reasonable assumption about the prices for the new iPhone.

Expected prices for Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone 8

Keep in mind that all of the above figures are the expected prices, which are not even close to official ones. They are based on the history of sales of Apple’s iPhone and recent leaks and rumors about the new iPhone.

Finally, as we seem to know more, this is the date of release of the new iPhone. Samsung is in a hurry to present its new Galaxy Note 8 on August 23, which is always a good sign that the rush should be ahead of the launch of Apple’s iPhone. Here are the expected dates for the announcement and release of the new iPhone series.

Expected date of announcement and release of Apple iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus

Apple iPhone 8

As can be seen from the dates of the presentation of previous smartphones from Apple, new phones will be presented on September 5 or 6. Once again, we note that the data is based on the history of Apple’s iPhone sales and recent leaks and rumors about the three new iPhone.

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