Apple iPhone 8 release date may be postponed to a later date

For Apple iPhone 8 output competitors joy date can be moved closer to winter, and in September, the “apple” company will present quite a few standard iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. Such a conclusion is now gradually becoming more and more experts.

Apple iPhone 8

After the overwhelming success of “the eighth galaxy” from Samsung with its huge 5.8-inch screen and size is quite classic smartphone has become clear: Apple is time to radically upgrade “its iPhone”.

But one thing – to put the task. It’s quite another – to execute its plan. According to the available information at this time, Apple iPhone 8 must receive the following counters, which previously was not in the company of smart phones:

  • Large OLED-screen with a diagonal of 5.8 inches (Koreans hello), covering almost the entire front panel with the exception of thin strips at the top and bottom of the screen (in a series of concepts of the latter is absent).
  • Built right into the display fingerprint scanner Touch ID, combined with the onscreen buttons, “Home.”
  • Wireless charger.
  • Identification holder smartphone by the three-dimensional face scanning.
  • Housing with a metal frame and protected toughened glass back cover.

And if the iPhone 8 screen, Apple seems to be all work, then completed by September to develop other options with each passing day there are fewer chances.

Apple iPhone 8

Why Apple iPhone 8 release date may be postponed

  • The system software of the smartphone that is responsible for the wireless charging has not yet been brought “to the mind.” This writes, in particular, an authoritative publication Fast Company. As we know, Apple has always been famous for the high level of stability and debugging software, and cannot afford missteps.
  • The same applies to the development of solutions for facial recognition. At the moment, it is, according to insiders, work very unstable.
  • Many network media reports that Apple engineers have not even decided on the arrangement of a fingerprint scanner. Apparently, in the screen of its build has not yet obtained.
  • Problems with the supply of the necessary components. If they cannot be resolved, then the manufacturer is not able to meet the expected huge demand for the Apple iPhone 8.

While it is not known how they decided to do and whether there is any solution at all. Actually, the output from Apple is now exactly two:

  • IPhone 8 release with a reduced functionality in software, and then activate the chip disabled by issuing the update. In principle, since the company has acted from the beginning “yablokofona” issue (story with Bluetooth).
  • iPhone 8 postpone the release date to a later date. For example, in November.

In the first case, Apple from the beginning to spoil the reputation of its key innovations and will give additional trump cards of its competitors, especially Samsung, which has already implemented that will bring the final experts from Cupertino.

In the second case, Apple iPhone 8 will receive a 100% conceived chips, but by the end of autumn, the smartphone market is overheated. It is clear that the true worshipers “apple” will wait in any case, but the “newbies” will be much less.

In addition, it can create problems with the promotion of the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. Of potential buyers prefer to wait for the Apple iPhone 8 to be precisely sure of their choice. However, this situation can be solved by the presentation of the prototype conceptual novelties on 7S presentation.

In general, we are waiting for further developments.

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