Apple iPhone 8 to beat all price records

Apple iPhone 8, the special edition with which Apple wants to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the launch of its smart phones, will mark a point in the sale price and will become the most expensive smartphone in history , surpassing the barrier of 1,000 Dollars.

Apple iPhone 8

For lack of any confirmation, Foxconn vice president Luo Zhongsheng has commented in the Weibo social network that “iPhone 8 will not be cheap.” If the same manufacturer of the terminal makes that comment go and prepare the wallet. The executive accuses the use of OLED technology, because as you know, Apple will replace the LCD panel that has been using the original iPhone for panels based on organic light-emitting diodes.

The cost increase is not simply attributable to the panel itself served by Samsung. The special design of the screen with a  sensor bar and cameras at the top to offer features such as facial recognition and iris would also have influenced the increased cost of fabrication of the screen over a standard OLED model such as the ones it uses The same Samsung in its high end terminals.

A new Apple A11 chipset, support for LTE-A (up to 450 Mbps in download), new finishes and the wireless load, would be other components that would be making the production of this Apple iPhone 8 more expensive.

Apple iPhone 8

For previous Apple strategies, especially with iPhone, we know that the Cupertino have adjusted profit margins and will not lower them to sell more. Everything points out that the increase in manufacturing costs will have to be paid by the customer who purchases the iPhone 8. There is no information from Apple, but we are already talking about a price higher than $ 1,200 in the version with greater capacity.

Yes, you have not mistaken the article, we are talking about a “mobile”. Apple is expected to further market the iPhone 7s as a range upgrade and a slightly more “economical” price, if that word is part of the vocabulary of Cupertino boys.

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