Apple iPhone 8: What would be actual design?

Prior to the announcement of the new Apple iPhone 8 has remained about three months, but not a day goes by that the network does not appear the new leak or rumor of “apple” flagship. According to numerous sources, this year Apple will launch three new smartphones: iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, which will become the heirs of the current models, and an entirely new Apple iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8

Prior to that, we have seen only the fans’ renderings-and 3D-model of the future of smart phones, but now a photograph of the components of all three smartphones, obtained directly from the production lines.

Two new photographs of a future iPhone has been leaked, stating that they had sent this one of the industry. Last assures that Chinese manufacturers have received these components last week, which coincides with the rumors about the start of production.

Apple iPhone 8

The first photo shows the back and front panel of Apple iPhone 8. The design is identical to what we have previously seen in various leaks. It is interesting that on the back there is a cutout fingerprint, which again hints at its location on the screen.

Apple iPhone 8

The second picture shows all three models of the new iPhone. Judging by the photos, the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will be little different from its predecessors, but the back cover they will be made of glass. The source says that all three models will support wireless charging.

Components in photos may be fake, but a large number of leaks and rumors indicate that something like this would look like the new iPhone probably Apple iPhone 8.

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