Apple iPhone 8 will remove the start button: True or just a Rumor?

Everything points to Apple iPhone 8, the “mobile” of the $ 1,000 that Apple is preparing to launch on the tenth anniversary of the series, will remove the start button, a component present from the original iPhone.

Apple iPhone 8

Mobile Fun UK retailer specializes in mobile accessories, when it comes to selling a protector for Apple iPhone 8, which would confirm the rumors of design that have been handled so far, as the screen without bevels that would occupy the entire front of the terminal and for the first time, without the start button that Apple has used from the original iPhone.

As a result of this, Apple would move the fingerprint sensor, either to the back as they have many Android terminals or within the same screen if you have finished developing a technology that will bet all high-end manufacturers in the coming Generations, especially Samsung with the Galaxy S9.

Apple iPhone 8 would also feature a sensor bar and cameras at the top to offer features such as facial recognition and iris. The screen would have a diagonal of 5.8 inches and premiere for the first time the OLED technology in an iPhone, like a new chipset Apple A11, the chassis of glass, the support for wireless load or the new system iOS 11, like innovations.

No start button on iPhone 8?

The removal of the iPhone 8 start button if it finishes producing, will mark a relevant design change in the series. And it could have been different from the beginning, because as he revealed a new book on “the secret history of the iPhone” ,  Steve Jobs not only wanted a button but two different ones, one of which would serve the same purpose as in Android, “back” to navigate through menus, applications or browser when pressed.

According to the book, Apple designer Imran Chaudhri was the one who convinced Jobs to use a single button, implementing the functions of the second in the same operating system. Curiosities of the terminal that revolutionized the mobile industry.

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