Apple iPhone SE 2017: Rumored Release Date

Since the release of a new iPhone SE with 128GB of storage last March, rumors about a successor have not ceased, including ensuring a version with glass on its back, perhaps to follow the lines that will mark the iPhone 8 when was launched in October.

Apple iPhone SE 2017

Rumors about a successor to the iPhone SE have been mixed, both securing a new model as signaling that Apple would not continue betting on that line. Now comes a rumor from France that ensures that Apple will hold a new event in August to announce the Apple iPhone SE 2017, an improved version compared to the current but cheaper and crystal design.

What surprises from the news is that the new Apple phone, the Apple iPhone SE 2017, would cost the most basic model only 465 dollars, which is practically 70 dollars cheaper than the current one.

From the middle they point out that the price can suffer variations and, after entering into production the iPhone SE in India, they intend to lower this model more, perhaps to focus it from the beginning to the emerging markets.

In itself we do not have data on the characteristics of the Apple iPhone SE 2017 beyond the price and bet of the glass design (ion-X), a material cheaper to produce and less assiduous to the scratches.

If the current iPhone SE is based on the processor of the iPhone 6, the new model would be protected in the chip of the iPhone 7. We will see if we finally have event next month.

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