Apple Mac OS High Sierra: A new version of Mac OS

Apple has talked about the new version of Mac OS, called Apple Mac OS High Sierra. It is designed to provide users with new technologies, features and improvements.

Apple Mac OS High Sierra

Safari will be the fastest browser in the High Sierra, and can handle Javascript 80% faster than Chrome. Also focus on the user experience. In particular, the browser will block the automatic start of video playback. In addition, reports on the implementation of the functions Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which aims to ensure the privacy of users. Through the use of machine learning is to isolate data tracking sites.

Apple Mac OS High Sierra Features

It also reported an improved application Mail. Optimized design allows you to post important messages at the top of the screen and more convenient to work with messaging. At the same time optimized mechanism for storing e-mail databases, allowing them to require 35% less space on the drive.

Apple Mac OS High Sierra

In the Photos app, a new permanent sidebar and improved filtering menu to find photos is there. Adds new editing tools to this new Apple Mac OS High Sierra, including the “Curves” to make fine adjustments to color and contrast. You can selectively edit colors. Third-party companies will be able to integrate the modules order photobooks application Photos.

However, it has been said about the introduction of a new file system. Apple File System will be used instead of the default HFS. The new file system will provide built-in support for encryption, protection against failures, instant backup of files and folders and many other useful features.

Apple Mac OS High Sierra

Finally, a number of improvements will affect the work with video. It is reported to support the H.265 / HEVC standard, the implementation of a new version of the API Metal – Metal 2, supported by virtual reality.

Operating system Apple Mac OS High Sierra is available to developers today, the public beta version will be available in June, and a free upgrade to the supported systems to be released this fall.

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