New Apple MacBook Air Retina: Specifications, First Look, Review, Buy

In second week of March 2015 as part of a special event CEO Apple Tim Cook officially introduced the world to a new MacBook Air Retina. This is a brand new laptop that does not belong to one of the existing lines of computers Apple. The novelty has received a simple name – MacBook (without attachments) but could be called as MacBook Retina or MacBook Air Retina.

new MacBook Retina 2015 Air

One of the main features of the new MacBook Retina 2015 is a weight and size characteristic. The device weighs about 900 g and a maximum thickness of 13.1 mm. For comparison, in the latest MacBook Air, the figure is 17.3 mm. Record the thickness has been achieved through the use of significantly redesigned keyboard. It uses a new mechanism to senior vice president of marketing for Apple’s Phil Schiller calls Butterfly Mechanism. The use of a new mechanism to replace the old Scissor allowed 40% reduction in thickness and keys at the same time achieve a fourfold improvement of stability. We should also note that each key has its own LED to illuminate.

new MacBook Retina 2015 Air

The new MacBook Retina 12 is equipped with 12-inch screen, for which Apple uses a special name Retina, resolution 2304 x 1440 points. The thickness of the screen is only 0.88 mm, which gives it the title of the thin display in the family of the Mac. Despite the increase in power consumption of the resolution is reduced by 30% compared to previous models.

new MacBook Retina 2015 Air

The basis of the new MacBook Air 12 is a processor Intel Core M with a frequency of 1.3 GHz (Turbo Mode – 2.9 GHz). This means that before us the first Mac with a passive cooling system. In other words, there are no fans. It was also said that the motherboard now takes up less space (67% less compared to the previous generation cards) than the touch panel, and the rest of the space reserved for the batteries. Recent maximize efficient use of their allotted place due to the special form – they follow the contours of the body.

new MacBook Retina 2015 Air

The new touch panel Force Touch takes into account the pressure force and technology to support different tactile feedback. The fact that the user will continue to feel clicks, though they do not actually be (physically). With the new MacBook, a new gesture controls Force Click – PCM team by strong pressure. With a little more force than usual in your browser Finder can go to the preview of the file or accelerate the process of rewinding in QuickTime.

 new MacBook Retina 2015 Air

Means of a wired connection has only a headphone jack and connector USB-C, which, in fact, combined USB, DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA and power connector. Thus, according to Apple, is the laptop of the future: the most portable and depend entirely on wireless technologies.

As for battery life, according to the manufacturer, a built-in battery charging enough for 9 hours of battery life while browsing the web and 10 hours of video playback. Apple calls the new MacBook laptop most energy-efficient in the world. The device will be available in three-color options on Housing: silver, gray and gold.

If you searching for terms like buy new MacBook 2015 then wait for April 10. In sum estimated $1,300 version with a 2-core Core M (1,1 GHz) and integrated Intel HD graphics 5300, 8 GB of RAM and SSD 256 GB. To pay another $ 300 on top of the initial configuration, the price you can get a more powerful processor Core M (1.2 GHz) and solid-state storage of large volumes (512 GB). So, new MacBook price is ranging from $1300 to $1600, and you can expect the drop in the price of previous version MacBook Air.


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