ASUS B250 motherboard with support for 19 graphics cards: Features

The Taiwanese firm has introduced a new motherboard with Intel’s B250 chipset named as ASUS B250 that stands out for supporting up to 19 graphics cards, an impressive figure that you could have imagined to be a solution aimed at mining crypto-currencies.


In the image that we accompany you can see the distribution of the plate to support 19 graphic cards. The required connectors are located in the lower half of the board and occupy a large part of the useful surface of the PCB.

The lower right-hand side mounts the B250 chipset with a small aluminum block that allows passive dissipation of the same, while in the upper half we have the socket LGA1151 (compatible with Skylake and Kaby Lake processors) in the center, the slots for RAM DDR4 at 2,400 MHz on the right and the connectors and outputs on the left.

To avoid stability problems due to the high power required by a system equipped with 19 graphic cards, ASUS has chosen to divide the PCIE connectors into three groups, differentiated by the colors you can see in the image.

Each of these groups has a dedicated 24-pin ATX12V connector, a simple solution but one that manages to avoid crashes and serious stability failures that could turn it into a useless solution for the mining of crypto – currencies, a task where consumption and stability are fundamental.

ASUS has confirmed that support is currently limited to 16 graphics cards (8 AMD and 8 NVIDIA), but that is something temporary and that will extend this support to 19 graphics cards by updating drivers that will arrive in late 2017. The price of ASUS B250 is 130 dollars.

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