ASUS Radeon RX 550: Review and Price

The range of entry to dedicated graphics, basic power models, low consumption and price below the $ 100 barrier, will be encouraged soon with the arrival of solutions such as the ASUS Radeon RX 550 from AMD and the GeForce GT 1030  Of NVIDIA.

ASUS Radeon RX 550

If in the past days, we offered you a version of KFA2 on the NVIDIA graphics, today we bring you the ASUS Radeon RX 550 on the AMD chip. A card that occupies double slot, but that contains its size to 182 x 112 x 43 mm and does not need additional connectors of power.

As for performance, AMD says Radeon RX 550 is 70% higher than a Radeon R7 250. It has 512 shaders and its graphic cores works at frequencies of 1,100 – 1,183 MHz in base and turbo modes. Its memory speed is 7000 MHz with a 128-bit interface and versions with 2 and 4 Gbytes of GDDR5 memory installed.

ASUS Radeon RX 550 Supports AMD technologies such as CrossFire, FreeSync and Eyefinity, and APIs such as DriectX 12 and Open GL 4.5. It has dual-link DVI-D, HDMI and Display Port video inputs.

ASUS Radeon RX 550 Price

The ASUS Radeon RX 550 is now available in Newegg for $ 89 / $ 99 respectively, for versions with 2 and 4 GB. ASUS Radeon RX 550 is ideal for home theater computers, media center, and in general, any PC that seeks basic services, with low consumption, size, noise, heat and price.

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