ASUS ZenScreen: Specs, Release Date and Price

The Taiwanese firm has been surprised with the official presentation of ASUS ZenScreen, a portable 15.6-inch screen with 1080p resolution that maintains the classical philosophy of minimalist design that characterizes ASUS.

ASUS ZenScreen

The panel that has used in the ASUS ZenScreen is IPS, which means that it should offer high image quality and 178 degree viewing angles, very good specifications that are completed with an attractive, thin finish and light.

As we can see in the images the edges have been reduced considerably compared to other similar solutions, but in addition the company has bet on introducing aluminum trim that add a premium touch to the set without raising the weight of this screen, which stands at 780 Grams.

Regarding the configuration options, ASUS ZenScreen has an automatic image adjustment system in horizontal or vertical position, it includes an advanced system that reduces the flicker of the image and also offers the possibility of reducing the levels of light emission blue to minimize visual fatigue.

ASUS ZenScreen

We have been very attracted by the pen that comes included and as we see it is inserted in the hole on the side of the screen. At first glance we could think that it is a stylus and that the ZenScreen is tactile but not, it is simply a complement that helps to keep it in balance if we dispense with its foldable cover.

The screen power is supplied by a single Type-C USB connector which can also send and receive information.

ASUS ZenScreen is already available in Taiwan with a price of $ 249 and ASUS has confirmed that it plans to launch a global short term.

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