Audeze LCDi4: Specs, Release Date and Price

Audeze Company introduced a new model in-ear monitor – Audeze LCDi4. The Price for novelty is $ 2,500 to be precise, $ 2495.

The manufacturer has already started taking pre-orders on the new product on its official website and promises to start shipping devices in mid-June. What is so special offer about Audeze LCDi4?

Audeze LCDi4

Thus, in-ear monitor Audeze LCDi4 use the same proprietary planar magnetic technology products as the flagship model of the surface-type LCD-4 cost of $ 4,000.

In fact, Audeze LCDi4 – this LCD-4 in a compact form factor with a wired connection. In this case the planar emitters are used with a diameter of 30 mm.

Audeze LCDi4

Other distinctive features of novelty manufacturer considers ultrathin membrane thickness of 0.5 microns sieve noises magnesium casing (each weighing about 12 g), and the original magnets Fluxor special patented design of the voice coil Uniforce.

Allegedly, characterized headphones value THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) is below 0.2%. As for the other key technical parameters, the sound pressure level of 120 dB stated, sensitivity – 105 dB / mW, headphones impedance – 35 ohms, and reproducible frequency range 5-50000 Hz. Of course, unleash sonic potential of these “crumbs” can only be paired with a powerful amplifier.

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