Battletech: First trailer is launched

During the exhibition PDX CON 2017 Trailer, Battletech game was published. The developer of this game is a studio Harebrained Schemes, and the publisher will make Paradox Interactive.


Battletech is a tactical turn-based role-playing action game with robots. Project action takes place in the universe MechWarrior. The game takes place in 3025, in a classic BattleTech universe during the incessant wars between the Great noble houses.

The player will become the commander of the detachment of hired, including several BattleMech combat robots and their pilots.

The detachment will be involved in a brutal interstellar civil war. In order to survive in it, you need to upgrade your base and military robots, to enter into contracts with the feudal lords, to engage in tactical planning and defeat the enemy on the battlefield.

The exact timing of the game Battletech release has not yet specified, but it should come out before the end of 2017.

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