Botvac D5 the best robot vacuum cleaner: What reviews has to say?

Botvac D5 the best robot vacuum cleaner: What reviews has to say?

When it comes to robot vacuum cleaners, there are already many brands and a wide variety of options. Since iRobot revolutionized the first Roomba launched, the market has been completed, and we have a lot to choose from. On this occasion we analyze one of the proposals of Neato Robotics, a brand specialized in this type of intelligent vacuum cleaners.

Botvac D5 the best robot vacuum cleaner: What reviews has to say?

The Neato robots are differentiated by their D shape, which allows better access to the corners and also incorporates a brush 50% larger. We have tested the Botvac D5 model, which could be within the upper middle range. The D5 has:

  • LaserSmart navigation of precision and high performance
  • Wi-Fi connection 2.4GHz
  • Combined brush
  • Ultra performance filter
  • High capacity Lithium-Ion battery
  • Delimiters
  • Side brush

Also, the robot can be controlled through the Neato application, so that we can start it from anywhere, take care of any problems that may arise, schedule the cleaning time and check cleaning statistics. The application is very useful to start and monitor the robot but, if we wanted, we could also start it from the vacuum button itself.

As in any other robot, we will need to place the base in a place where it has about 10 centimeters free on each side so that it can return to the base to be loaded without a problem. Once the base is plugged in, the robot will have to be connected to the WiFi, this process will take us about 10 minutes, and with this, we will be able to control it from the mobile.

Botvac D5 the best robot vacuum cleaner: What reviews has to say?

Thanks to the LaserSmart technology, the D5 memorizes our house, and this is quite noticeable in this type of robots. After the first cleaning cycle, we will see how the robot becomes more efficient, it takes less time to clean each room and it “does not get lost” when it has to return to the base.

The design of the Neato incorporates a “turret” from which they scan around, so they know at all times if they have obstacles and where they should move more carefully. They circulate the house with a specific pattern to be more efficient and clean in less time.

The robot is not very silent, in addition to the noise it makes when vacuuming, so do its wheels, since sometimes it “takes a run” when it knows it has no obstacles in front, it starts hard and then reduces so as not to collide. Then I leave a video for you to see in action. It is not the most entertaining video in the world, but it will give you an idea of how it works in the different areas we have at home.

As you can see, the floor is tiled, we have some carpet and also a dog. In general lines, the D5, or Tito (I love that you can name these robots), has worked quite well. I’ve only had to rescue him twice, one of the cable gaming headphones that sometimes, unintentionally, we leave on the floor and when Tito sees it goes for him. The helmets are fine; you can rest easy, simply throw them on the ground and warn them that you have hooked with them, once you throw and release, you must leave it in the same place, so that the robot does not get lost.

The D shape is quite practical; the Neato brushes against the walls or under the furniture and thanks to this shape it will suck any corner perfectly. From the application, we can select two cleaning modes: the whole house or an area. The cleaning of an area is very useful when we want to clean a room that is especially dirty and thus, you can clean behind the doors. When starting to clean an area, the Neato cleans the perimeter of the virtual area and then cleans the interior of that area with a pattern of straight lines in round trips. When finished, the Neato returns to the starting location or, if it has detected a nearby charging base while cleaning, it will return to the charging base and connect to it.

The application was recently updated, and now, in the cleaning summary section, we can see the coverage maps, where our robot has gone and if it has encountered an obstacle that has prevented it from continuing with the cleaning. The cleaning tank is quite large, and with regular dirt, it will last about 15 days. Cleaning the brush is also very easy and also comes with a small comb that will help us remove, hairs or lint hooked.


Undoubtedly, the key to efficiency in this type of robots is that they are able to map the house and can clean and return to their base without any impediment. They are also points in their favor, that they can access without problems to any corner and that we do not have to run to help them in each cycle because they have been stuck in unsuspected places. The Botvac D5 costs 650 euros and the truth that with him if I have forgotten 100% of sweeping or vacuuming. In spite of everything it is an important expense to take into account, but if we have animals or we are very allergic, I think that having a robot of this type is essential. Of course, when making a decision is very important to be able to remember the house, if not, we will simply have a pot circling and making noise. In relation quality/price, the Neato has seemed to be a very successful choice.

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