Call of Duty: World at War II Season does not pass all guarantee DLCs

Just yesterday we shared with you that the first official trailer of the next installment of the well-known franchise of Activision, a game that promises to return to the roots of the saga but that will nevertheless bring a novelty not pleasant, Call of Duty: World at War II is released. The game Call of Duty: World War II no longer guarantees the access to all the downloadable contents (DLCs) that can receive.

Call of Duty: World at War II

No, it is not a rumor nor is it information extracted from leaks, it is something totally official as it appears on the official website where you can pre-purchase the game. If you enter this link you will see that the digital edition “de luxe” includes the season pass of Call of Duty: World at War II, but in the small print at the bottom clearly states the following:

“Those who buy the season pass will receive the content of Call of Duty: World War II of 2018. The content of the season pass is not final, it is subject to change and may not include all the downloadable content available for the game. “

“The content of the season pass may not be available in all countries, and the price and release dates may vary depending on the platform. The content can only be downloaded from the game store; do not buy separately or you will be charged again. The contents of the season pass can be sold separately. “

In short, if we spend for example the 99.99 euros that costs that edition “de luxe” we will receive the game and the DLCs that are launched in 2018, but we are not guaranteed a specific number and if some downloadable content is released in 2019, we will have you pay for it.

Obvious to say that the measure we do not like anything and that seems a terrible idea. I do not know what has prompted Activision to think that it is a good idea to charge the user for the game Call of Duty: World War II, for the DLCs of one year and even for the next, but the criticisms have not been expected and may end up negatively affecting sales of Call of Duty: World at War II.

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