Confirmed, Android O to be unveiled on August 21

Confirmed the official launch date of Android O. It will be on August 21 when the new version will be definitely introduced, and not only will the name of the new version be confirmed.

Android O

Official Android O presentation

Android O was officially launched in March 2017. However, only the new development version was introduced. It was also present in the Google I / O 2017, but it was affirmed that the definitive presentation of the new version, that would suppose the availability of that version for the smartphones, would be in summer. And well, summer does not have much left, although it may seem a lie to those who do not have air conditioning at home. In fact, it is usually in September when we are talking about the end of summer. But Android O would run before the end of the summer.

We knew that August 21 would confirm the name with which the new version would count. But it seems that will be the final presentation of that version, so it would also announce the availability of the update for the Google Pixel.

Android Oreo?

Of course, it will be on August 21 when it will confirm the name of the new version of the operating system, so that until then there will be no official data on how it will be called Android O. However, it seems likely that the name will be Android Oreo. The other option that has been talked about is Android Oatmeal Cookie.

But precisely Google will present the new version of the operating system on the day of the solar eclipse. The sun is circular, the eclipse is also circular, and it would seem logical that it was the circular cookie that gave its name to the new version of the operating system. By the way, the current Android O logo is also a circle, so it might be quite logical that Android 8.0 Oreo be the definitive name of the new version. On August 21 the official name of Android O will officially be confirmed, and it is possible that the official update for the Google Pixel will also be available.

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