Confirmed the design of the Google Pixel 2, goodbye to the 3.5mm jack

The sleeves manufacturers have come back to make their own and this time they have clearly seen the final design of the Google Pixel 2, the next generation of top-end smartphones prepared by the Mountain View giant.

Google Pixel 2

We talk about the Google Pixel 2 in the plural because, except for surprise, we will see two models with the same design and the same base specifications, differentiated solely by the size of the screen. This means, in short, that the little android will follow the same strategy we saw with the first generation Google Pixel.

From the image that accompanies we can extract all the keys of design that will have both versions. As you can see, the 18: 9 “all-screen” format allows the edges to be minimized in both the top and bottom areas.

There are no physical buttons on the front and the fingerprint reader is kept in the back, where we also find the same metal finish with a piece of glass that we saw in the Google Pixel.

It seems that there are no major changes beyond what has been said but in fact the manufacturer of cases Olixar has confirmed another very important, the elimination of the jack connector of 3.5 mm and the presence of a simple camera configuration in the back.

This means that Google has followed Apple’s steps by removing the 3.5mm jack connector, and has decided not to bet on a dual rear camera configuration.

With both movements the company seems to swim against the current, since most of the manufacturers and users prefer that the connector is maintained and at the same time the dual rear camera configurations have been fully popular.

If everything goes according to plan the Google Pixel 2 should be officially announced from the month of October with a price of 749 dollars the smallest model and 849 dollars the largest version.

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