Corsair K68 Gaming keyboard: Features and Price

Corsair Company prepared to release Corsair K68 Gaming keyboard, which has a high level of protection against spilled liquids and getting crumbs.

Corsair K68 Gaming keyboard

Corsair K68 Gaming keyboard is equipped with mechanical switches Cherry MX Red. In addition, each individual key comprises of rubber protective layer which prevents ingress of liquid and crumbs into the mechanism.

The device Corsair K68 Gaming keyboard is certified in accordance with the protection rating IP32 (protected against foreign objects having a diameter of ≥ 2.5 mm and by the vertical drops falling at angles up to 15 degrees).

In Corsair K68 keyboard implemented red lights, the operation of which can be adjusted using the proprietary utility Corsair Cue. The latter is also used to program macros for fast action gaming battles. Separately, the function of pressing the Windows key block that prevents accidental opening of the “Start” menu in the game.

Corsair K68 Gaming keyboard is now available for order on the manufacturer’s website for $ 99.99.

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