Dual camera smartphone OnePlus 5 scored well in the test DxOMark

DxOMark experts tested the dual camera smartphone OnePlus 5. OnePlus started to advertise the possibility of dual camera smartphone before the actual presentation because users expect great results from it, but in practice, some expressed their disappointment.

OnePlus 5

However, DxOMark impartial experts do not consider the camera of the smartphone OnePlus 5 bad. According to the results of tests it is assigned the result of 87 points, which is pretty good. This is only slightly less than the result demonstrated the “best ever tested the cameras of smartphones.” Recall, the model HTC U11 scored 90 points, and the new flagship of the Samsung Galaxy the S8 – 88 points.

As for the camera OnePlus 5, the experts highlighted the excellent shooting outdoors with “outstanding color and detail.” White balance is often defined precisely and stably when shooting outdoors. However, when shooting with a wide dynamic range of the pay attention underexposed dark frame portions.

But shooting in the premises given OnePlus chamber 5 is not so good. When shooting handheld in low light conditions there is a noticeable image and loss of detail. Shooting under incandescent lighting and fluorescent lamps is not quite accurate white balance determination. Although the results cannot be considered acceptable.

At the same time, the focus is a strong smartphone camera side OnePlus 5. Auto focus works fast and stable.

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