Features of Huawei Honor Note 9: Flagship with a huge screen

This week, the technical characteristics of Huawei Honor Note 9 were disclosed. If the insiders were right, then we are waiting for a very interesting and, at the same time, a narrow-necked smartphone with a huge 6.6-inch screen and a “hardware” of the flagship level.

Huawei Honor Note 9

In a sense, the new Honor Note 9 is for Huawei “warm-up” before the release of another top product – Mate 10. All the “most delicious” should still get the latter, nevertheless, the new “laptop” will also have more than attract buyers.

To begin with, smartpads with a screen diagonal of more than 6.5 inches in the market generally do not have much, and that with the characteristics of the flagship – so in general, almost none. In its dimensions Huawei Honor Note 9 – it’s not quite a smartphone and not yet a tablet.

Many, looking at the new Honor, can snort something like “shovel” or “brick.” However, this is exactly what you need: a device on which you can comfortably browse web pages and run modern toys, but still you can call.

It’s clear that Huawei Honor Note 9 is rather a “male” smartphone. We do not even imagine how it fits in a gentle female hand. However, let’s move from the lyrics directly to parsing the parameters of the novelty.

Key Features of Huawei Honor Note 9

Firstly, this is a new powerful mobile processor HiSilicon Kirin 965, which is a little modified Kirin 960 with increased clock speeds of CPU and GPU. This will provide the ninth “nout” small, but the advantage compared to Huawei P10 (Plus) and Honor 9.

Secondly, 6 GB of fast RAM LPDDR4x with a clock frequency of 1866 MHz. If in spring representatives of Huawei claimed that such volumes were not needed by anyone, at the moment the company changed its point of view on this issue in the case of Honor Note 9.

Third, the built-in storage capacity of 64 GB, based on high-speed chips UFS 2.1. The latter supports a read / write speed of up to 500 MB / s. The possibility of installing a MicroSD memory card from Huawei Honor Note 9 is also present.

Fourth, the luxurious 6.5-inch LTPS IPS display with QHD resolution of 1440 × 2560 pixels, rather than Full HD, as its predecessor. The screen design is frameless, which allowed to reduce the dimensions of the smartphone.

Fifth, an excellent dual camera 20 MP + 12 MP, aperture f / 2.2, phase autofocus and a double hardware and software zoom. That is the same as the recently released on the market Honor 9.

Sixthly, Huawei Honor Note 9 has an unusually capacious battery for branded flagship – as much as 4600 mAh. Although it would be strange to expect something smaller with this size.

Seventh, the presence of such “vanishing” options, such as an infrared port (for controlling external devices) and a classic 3.5 mm analog jack for headphones and headsets (which many manufacturers now refuse).

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