Features of the HTC U11 Life, the little one with frame Edge Sense

Each manufacturer uses a denomination for their second swords, the squires that accompany the leaders of catalog in the market and that, frequently, they appear after these. The case of HTC is the Lifestyle or, as it seems to be the case, the Life. Or that claim in the exclusive that reveals some features of the future HTC U11 Life, the companion of the HTC U11 that we have known for some time.

HTC U11 Life

The HTC U11 was introduced last May and one of the most interesting features it offered was not indoors but in its frame. The HTC U11 is annoyable and we can configure actions based on this gesture, something that seems to inherit the HTC U11 Life when it finally comes to land. But we know, or believe we know, more things about it.

Apparently, the HTC U11 Life would be more “small” in power but also size. The filtered information speaks of a 5.2-inch terminal with FullHD resolution, a panel that would offer 424 pixels per inch of density and that would differ from the 5.5 inches QHD of his older brother, which also has 534 pixels per inch.

If the information is correct, the future HTC U11 Life would mount an eight-core Snapdragon 630 at 2.2GHz, a jump perhaps too large compared to the Snapdragon 835 of the HTC U11. Especially if the Snapdragon 660 exists as an intermediate point, or perhaps closer to the high range than to the middle. In any case, we would talk about 32GB of internal storage with an unknown RAM.

It’s about talking about the cameras and this is where an interesting couple emerges, in almost every respect, for the model. 16 megapixels rear and 16 front megapixels, a team apparently higher than the 12 + 16 megapixels of the HTC U11 but, as always happens in the photographic field, it would have to be tried on the ground since megapixels are not everything. In fact, they matter little most of the time.

We had talked before that the frame of this HTC U11 Life could also be tightened for it to respond to our orders, but it is not the only feature on the outside of the device. We would also have a front footprint reader, placed under the screen, and would arrive not only with IP67 protection against dust and water but also with HTC USonic headsets with active noise cancellation.

At the moment, on the availability of the future little brother of the HTC U11 is only known to be available in the United States under the cover of T-Mobile. We will see to what other countries it arrives and, especially, when and will finally launch. We will be waiting to hear more information about this future HTC U11 Life whose existence seems to be confirmed.

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