Filtered specifications of Intel Core i3-8100 and Core i3-8350K

Intel’s new Coffee Lake processors continue to drip, an architecture that promises significant and necessary changes following the stagnation of recent years. Today we are going to focus on the Intel Core i3-8100 and Core i3-8350K.

Intel Core i3-8100

Both processors will shape Intel’s new economic midrange, as they will position just below the Core i5 (mid-range) and above the Pentium (low-end).

We have already said on previous occasions that the new Core i3 based on Coffee Lake could make the leap to the four real cores and this new information confirms it. Here is a summary of all the complete explanations of these new processors.

  • Intel Core i3-8100: four-core and four-wire 3.6GHz, 6MB L3 cache, 2,400MHz DDR4 support and 65W TDP. Multiplier blocked.
  • Intel Core i3-8350K: four-core and four-wire at 4GHz, 8MB L3 cache, 2,400MHz DDR4 support and 91W TDP. Multiplier unlocked.

As we can see the most interesting change we have in the jump to the four cores, since the current Core i3 have two cores and four threads, a distribution that has been maintained for seven years. Also highlights the absence of HyperThreading technology.

We do not have details about the possible price of these new processors, but it is very likely that Intel will choose to keep them at a level similar to that of the current Core i3 7100 and Core i3 7350K.

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