Filtering a prototype of the Meizu Pro 7, the dual screen phone

There are few surprises that usually come up with the designs of mobile phones. But the Meizu Pro 7 seems to come with changes in display with respect to the rest of the catalog. The Meizu phone is expected with a secondary screen and an image of a prototype shows what it would look like.

Meizu Pro 7

The phones follow the fashion of double camera or very narrow bevels, curved screens with only edges. But Meizu wants to go further and not only settle for a double camera but with a double screen that we have been talking about for some weeks.

It is not the first phone with two screens because it already did the YotaPhone brand with a screen that occupied the entire back side of the phone. Now Meizu would also arrive with this secondary screen but in the case of a small screen placed in the back, of which it is not yet known how it will be made or what its functions will be.

Meizu Pro 7

A render shown earlier this month would show how the phone could be with the small screen located under the double camera of the mobile although it was unknown neither its material nor its purpose. Now, images of a supposed prototype have come to light and show the mobile with an electronic ink screen on the back, under the double sensor of the camera.

In the image you can see the screen although in others and according to the source explains, the secondary screen has a simulated fixed screen in the back because at the moment it is not a fully functional prototype. As we can see in the photographs, the model has a label of “prototype 8” so you could guess that Meizu is trying to do it and is working on other variants of the new Meizu Pro 7.

Meizu Pro 7, features

Beyond the double screen, the rumors and leaks advance that the phone would arrive with a screen Full HD of 5.2 inches and inside would work with a MediaTek Helio X30 processor although the last information indicates that Meizu could change the chip by a Processor from Qualcomm.

The mobile would also arrive with a Plus version, the Meizu Pro 7 Plus, with a QHD screen of 5.7 inches and an Exynos 8890 processor.

At the moment it is rumors and leaks and nothing is confirmed by the brand so we will have to wait for Meizu to make official the launch of the phone or the presentation and we can know if the phone with double screen arrives soon to the market but, about everything, what the double screen will do.

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