First performance test of the AMD RYZEN 5 2500U APU with AMD Vega GPU

Source has released what would be the first real performance test of the AMD RYZEN 5 2500U APU, a solution that will feature a CPU based on the ZEN architecture and a next generation GPU based on Vega.


At the moment the information is quite scarce but the screen capture allows us to confirm that the AMD RYZEN 5 2500U APU will have a quad-core and eight-wire processor, thanks to SMT technology that allows each physical core to work at the same time with two wires.

The letter “U” at the end of the name suggests would result in a solution under intended use for laptops and performance offered by this APU it seems to confirm this, as they are well below those that get a Radeon RX 560 (accompany an image So you can compare).

We should not forget that even though AMD plans to launch low-power APUs, it is also preparing versions that will prioritize performance. In principle these variants will keep the processor of four cores and eight threads, but their frequencies of work should be much superior.AMD RYZEN 5 2500U APUAMD RYZEN 5 2500U APU

The GPU should also offer much higher performance at the expense of higher TDP and higher power consumption, although on desktop computers this should not be a problem.

According to the latest information we had the opportunity to see the RYZEN APUs with GPU Vega of greater power would exceed 700 shaders, which means they could offer a performance similar to that of a dedicated Radeon RX 460 graphics.

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