Fresh renders and photos of LG V30 revealed the final design of the smartphone

A well-known insider Evan Blass published a fresh photo of his LG V30 (or renderer) on Twitter, which completely reveals the design of the smartphone. In principle, there are no special surprises, but for the first time we can consider the upcoming novelty in detail.

LG V30

Compared with the “non-flagship” LG G6 presented in the spring, the top-of-the-range LG V30 looks much better: a slim body, smooth forms and almost frameless design. There are, however, a few questions to the design of the device, which will be discussed later.

But first we will note the really elegant metal frame of the case LG V30 with a glossy surface and a semicircular profile. The back cover is made of impact-resistant glass, although in the silver version it can also go for metal from a distance.

The display of the smartphone occupies almost 90% of the front surface, the lateral indentations are almost invisible due to the glass with 2.5D-effect. The upper and lower frames are also made as small as possible. Downstairs there are no elements at all, at the top there is a self-camera, a slot for the speaker and front sensors.

The platform of the main camera LG V30 slightly protrudes above the back cover, however it is almost imperceptible. Lenses look different, which confirms the use of modules with different focal length, and hence the availability of hardware zoom.

The fingerprint reader is round and is located in the middle at the bottom of the camera, the flash with sensors is on the right. However, if we consider the side faces, then the question immediately appears: where did the “Power” button disappear? The volume control keys are. Tray for SIM-cards and MicroSD – is.

But how to include LG V30 then?

There are two options here: either Evan Blass “merged” the unfinished render, or something very unusual awaits us. In general, on older renderings of the novelty, you could also notice a 3.5 mm headphone jack on the upper right, which the insider does not have.

LG V30 vs LG G6 on a single render

LG V30

In general, if in the near future there will be no more detailed photos of LG V30, then in any case, it remains to wait for long. Koreans have already officially confirmed the presentation of their new flagship on August 31, the “zero” day of the international exhibition IFA 2017. The latter will be held in Berlin from September 1 to September 6 this year.

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