GAMDIAS P2 RGB Gaming mechanical keyboard- Review with pros & cons

GAMDIAS P2 RGB Gaming mechanical keyboard: Review with pros & cons

GAMDIAS is a company dedicated to the sale of gaming accessories for PC that has been working in the sector for a few years and that I know first-hand since a few months ago I bought a Zeus P1 mouse to use it on my personal computer. Therefore I must admit that I was very happy to have the opportunity to analyze one of their new products, the mechanical keyboard HERMES P2 RGB Gaming.

GAMDIAS P2 RGB Gaming mechanical keyboard- Review with pros & cons

The mechanical keyboards have become one of the most sought-after peripherals of the moment and not only for the advantages they offer over the membrane, but also for its longer life and for the customization and configuration options offered by higher models, both functional (macro) and aesthetic (LED RGB lighting).

First look and key specifications

The HERMES P2 RGB Gaming is a mechanical keyboard that makes it clear from the start that it points directly at the top, but does it get it? As soon as I pulled it out of the plastic and touched it, it became clear to me that it was.

GAMDIAS has opted for construction in metal and plastic that gives the HERMES P2 RGB Gaming a superb construction quality, so much so that the quality of finishes is above models like the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2.

The metallic coating on the upper part combines perfectly with raised keys that expose the RGB LED lighting area and ends with a futuristic design that does not fall into unnecessary excesses, completing an outstanding set.

The cable is long (eighty meters) and is twisted to offer a long service life, so we will not have to worry about the natural wear and tear caused by use or the passage of time. The same goes for the USB connector, which is gold-plated.

For the rest, we have those above fully customizable RGB LED lighting system and a wrist rest finished in hard plastic. The switches of the HERMES P2 RGB Gaming are “Blue” and are based on an optical system that we see perfectly explained in the attached video.

Our experience

As we said at the beginning, the HERMES P2 RGB Gaming is a keyboard that from the first moment has transmitted a high quality of construction. The combination of metal and plastic gives a premium touch that was almost exclusive to more expensive models. The RGB LED lighting and the “Blue” optical switches are two of its great attractions.

The RGB LED system that GAMDIAS has used in the HERMES P2 RGB Gaming works without problems and offers quality lighting, although I think it lacks a little more intensity at its maximum level.

Jumping to the optical switches “Blue” we find a very strong, sound and a “hard” tune, something that I like because it gives a unique touch when writing and playing.

I understand that this can be a nuisance for those who prefer a quieter and quieter keyboard, but we can not throw anything in the face of the HERMES P2 RGB Gaming in this regard as it is a matter of taste.

As I said the pulsations are precise and intense, and the noise becomes very marked, so much that it almost seems to encourage the user to continue writing. In general, my experience has been very positive; nothing of double pulsations and a smooth and error-free writing even when working at full speed.

However I want to make it clear again, so there are no doubts; It is a very solid keyboard that offers a unique experience when writing but is also very noisy, and the pulsations are somewhat harsh, so keep that in mind.

Finally, we have to value the Hera software, which is what allows you to configure macros and establish RGB LED lighting profiles. Although it is a simple program and we have not had any problem, it has an improved interface.

Making a general balance, I think the HERMES P2 RGB Gaming is a good mechanical keyboard that stands out above all from the point of view price-performance. It fulfills what it promises, offering a premium experience at a more reasonable cost, and therefore it is a good purchase. We can get it for 110 euros.


  • Excellent construction quality
  • The “Blue” switches make you “live” each press
  • Good shelf life
  • Balanced price


  • The RGB LED lighting should be a little more intense
  • The software can be improved, both in interface and functions

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