Gaming monitor Acer Predator Z35P: Specs, Release Date and Price

As is known, curved displays are ideal for games (effect of immersion in the game is enhanced by the curved shape of the screen and, therefore, the player receives more impressions from the gaming process). The Acer Company, which produces such monitors, recently introduced a new model in a series of concave monitors – Acer Predator Z35P. Novelty is easy to understand from the name, is the successor model of the Predator Z35, released in 2015.

Acer Predator Z35P

Size of the concave Acer Predator Z35P new screen is the same as its predecessor – 35 inches, for that matter, and the bending radius – 1800 mm. But in this case, a panel of higher resolution – 3440 x 1440 pixels (aspect ratio of 2.39: 1) against 2560 x 1080 pixels (21: 9) of the Predator Z35. Panel Type – AMVA. The new Acer Predator Z35P manufacturer softened slightly peculiar series Predator aggressive design, adding a refined and minimalist stand, in the external design is almost no bright red color.

Other technical parameters of Acer Predator Z35P is fully consistent with game direction: pixel response time is stated to be 4 ms, contrast – 2500: 1, maximum brightness of 300 nits (seems to support the HDR is not here), viewing angles – 178 ° horizontally and vertically, there is support for adaptive frame synchronization technology NVIDIA G-Sync.

Acer Predator Z35P

Frame rate – only worsened in comparison with the parameter of the previous model. Although thanks to the support of G-Sync frame rate of Predator Z35P can be increased from the standard 100 Hz to 120 Hz, this is still significantly less than 200 Hz, which offers Predator Z35.

Equipping the device includes inputs DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4, USB 3.0 hub with one input and four outputs, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and stereo speakers 9W each. In a typical mode of operation, the power consumption of 65 watts.

Monitor Acer Predator Z35P is already available for pre order on Amazon for $ 1100 and start date of supply – “one to three weeks.”

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