GFXBench confirms that the Moto Z2 can boast of competing against the Galaxy S8

There is little left for Lenovo to unveil the second generation of the catalog leader of its Motorola range, which recently regained its full name after a shortened brand name trip. The Moto Z of last year should give way to a new Moto Z2 that has long been around the various technological newsrooms.

Moto Z2

According to the pace and reliability of the latest leaks, the new Lenovo model should be on the verge of being presented and its last step by GFXBench has confirmed what we already knew by previous information. We are facing a high-end full-fledged and will be able to compete with the heavyweights of the market, from the Galaxy S8 to the HTC U11.

The arrival of the new Lenovo high is one of the most anticipated of the rest of the year, counting on the future Note 8, iPhone 8 and Mate 10 from Huawei. Thanks to its passage through GFXBench we know that it will be at the level of the competition in terms of power and it is confirmed that it will have the Snapdragon 835 on board, the recent eight-core Qualcomm processor carried by several current catalog leaders from the market.

Moto Z2

GFXBench has had the detail of talking about their cameras, though only in terms of hardware. The main sensor of the future Moto Z2 will be 12 megapixels, leaving a possible double camera in the air for the model Moto Z2 Force. With this camera we can record 4K video and will have autofocus. For the front, 5 megapixels.

In the leaked specs it is clear that the future Moto Z2 will land with Android 7.1.1 Nougat inside, although it will be hidden behind the layer of Motorola, Motoblur. In principle, the Moto Z2 can be announced tomorrow 30 of June although these dates have been imprecise in previous leaks. We will be waiting to meet the future aspirant to the throne of the best phone of the year. Although it will have very difficult with the current generation of flagships.

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