GIGABYTE H110-D3A Plate for Crypto-Currency Mining: Features

The well-known GIGABYTE assembler has introduced the GIGABYTE H110-D3A motherboard, a solution that is specially designed to be used in equipment dedicated to the mining of crypto-currencies, also known as digital coins.


As we can see from the images, the GIGABYTE H110-D3A board uses Intel’s H110 chipset but comes in ATX format, a major change that has allowed GIGABYTE to have enough space on the PCB to mount a total of five PCI-E x1 connectors, to which we must add a PCI-E x16 slot.

This means that with this GIGABYTE H110-D3A board it is possible to mount a total of six graphic cards and have them working in group to achieve a high power undermining cryptodivisas like Ethereum, provided that we are accompanied by a power supply capable of supplying the necessary energy.

Despite the fact that it is an economical motherboard, GIGABYTE has opted for a high quality of construction thanks to the Ultra Durable technology, which means that it assembles top-level components that have also passed different tests with continuous workloads.

Otherwise it has a VRM of five phases in the CPU, two slots to mount a maximum of 32 GB of DDR4 memory and until it has integrated sound HD of six channels, so that could be used without problems to mount an equipment of Conventional use.

We have no details on the exact launch date and it has not even transcended the price, but it should be less than 115 dollars.

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