Good news, Galaxy S9 will still feature 3.5mm jack

Good news, Galaxy S9 will still feature 3.5mm jack

Thanks to a filtering of the Galaxy S9 PCB, we have been able to confirm that this phone will keep the 3.5 mm jack, an important fact that we had previously seen in numerous rumours and leaks.

The fact that Samsung has decided to swim “countercurrent” and keep the 3.5 mm jack on its top-of-the-line smartphones says a lot in favour of the South Korean giant and users like it, who can continue to use their old headphones any without problems.

Good news, Galaxy S9 will still feature 3.5mm jack

In the attached image we can see marked in white the area of the PCB of the Galaxy S9 in which the 3.5 mm jack connector will be located. We do not have information about the Galaxy S9 +, but given that both are “brothers” and that they will arrive at the same moment, the most normal thing is that they also have this connector.

As regards the specifications of both terminals we remind you that they will be very similar in general terms, but that they will present differences in screen size, rear camera configuration and RAM memory.

We leave you a complete summary so you can see it more clearly and we remind you that its launch is expected for the month of March 2018.

Good news, Galaxy S9 will still feature 3.5mm jack PCB

Galaxy S9 will be the high-end smartphone in the S series to feature a 5.65-inch AMOLED screen with 18: 9 format and QHD + resolution. Another highlight of the phone is SoC Snapdragon 845 (some markets) Exynos 9810 (international model), along with 6GB of RAM. Per the available information, we may not see the dual camera configuration in the S9. However, S9 plus will definitely share the dual camera configuration similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Another improvement that we can expect in the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the improved faceID scanner.

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