Google Assistant for iPhone: Features and Release Date

The virtual assistant Google has been one of the star development of the opening keynote of Google conference.

The most important news – not the most important – has been the confirmation of arrival of Google Assistant for iPhone, a pica in the sealed ground of Apple that supposes competition to the same Siri and an alternative for the clients. However, Google Assistant for iPhone will have some limitations regarding its possibilities on Android. You can download Google Assistant for iOS from the App Store.

Google Assistant for iPhone

It has also been confirmed that the wizard will not be exclusive to the products of the Internet giant and can be used globally on the Android platform. To officially use Google Assistant, you will need a terminal that uses Android 6.0 or higher and has at least 1.5 Gbytes of RAM and a screen with 720p resolution.

As for its language support, we finally have the promise that the Spanish will arrive before the end of 2017, in addition to others like Italian and Korean, and for this summer, French and Portuguese. If you want to see how Google Assistant in Spanish (even with multiple limitations) you can use the version of Google Allo.

You will not be surprised that Google assures your assistant is now “smarter”, which “allows humans to interact with humans in a more natural and immersive way.” The wizard will work with Google Lens, the new technology of recognition and image processing supported by intelligence and deep learning.

Google Assistant for iPhone also adds online shopping via voice commands (yes, like Amazon), use of text to interact or the ability to work with third-party apps as allowed by the aforementioned Alexa.

Of course, it is announcing, its arrival to other devices beyond the smartphone, Google Home, multi-brand appliances, wearables, smart TVs and cars with Android Auto.

Finally, point out the integration of the virtual assistant with important services like Spotify, Netflix, YouTube and others, announced by Google.

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