Google Daydream VR will have separate devices from HTC and Lenovo

Google Daydream VR platform goes up with the announcement of the arrival of independent virtual reality devices, which will be manufactured by companies such as HTC and Lenovo, and will be powered by Qualcomm.

Since the presentation of Daydream VR, Google insisted that the future of virtual reality in the entertainment sector passed through the smartphone and not the PC.

Google Daydream VR

Aware of the changing technological market and the threat posed by platforms as interesting as Windows Mixed Reality, Google changes its strategy to other fields of action or rather complements it because the mobile version will continue to improve and today announced Google Daydream VR support for the Samsung Galaxy S8, leader in Android and surely in the future, update your own viewers like the Daydream View.

The devices announced are something else and stand out for the term “independent”, smartphones, PCs or other connectivity. Google says it is working closely with Qualcomm to create a reference model.

Virtual reality helmets, Google Daydream VR will not be manufactured by Google (at least for now) but by HTC and Lenovo and perhaps others in the future. Two good partners no doubt. HTC has the experience of Live, surely the most prominent in the consumer market and Lenovo has every possibility in manufacturing and distribution. It is also in all “sauces” because it will soon market its model with Windows Mixed Reality.

Google has also announced another line of action in the segment, which comes from augmented reality under the Tango project and the next supported smartphone, the ASUS ZenFone AR available this summer.

Standalone devices under Google Daydream VR will be available by the end of 2017.

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