Google Nexus 6 likely to Roar

Google Nexus series doesn’t need any introduction. Since past few years, Google is launching one of its official smartphone each year. Just past few months ago, we have seen Google LG Nexus 5 that is now one of the leader smartphone in the market. Most recently, Samsung revealed it’s fifth generation Galaxy S series smartphone i.e. Galaxy S5. And S5 is really far away from the expectations of fans. Almost all fans are disappointed with the launch of S5 including me. Even Nexus 5 is better and comparable to S5 if we consider price / performance ratio. But as per the competition and market trend, next generation Google Nexus smartphone might launch earlier and can give stiff competition to the present leaders.

Present Scenario

Nexus 6 concept

If we talk about the most awaiting Gadgets of 2014 then it includes names like Google Nexus 6, iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4. Note 4 is already getting popularity after the launch of S5 as people are really disappointed from Galaxy S5. Since past two years, Nexus series has raised as the leading series of smartphone. If look at the present market trend, we will find Nexus 5 is sold at really cheaper price as compare to other beast available and same is expected in the case of Google Nexus 6. According to the present scenario of the market, trend of hardware platform is moving toward 64-bit and for sure, Nexus 6 might feature 64-bit processor.

Little past but big impact

  • (HTC) Google Nexus One released in January 2010
  • (Samsung) Google Nexus S released in Dec 2010
  • (Samsung) Galaxy Nexus – Nov 2011
  • (LG) Google Nexus 4 – November 2012
  • (LG) Google Nexus 5 – November 2013
  • (LG?) Google Nexus 6 – Most probable month August 2014?

Within three years, Google Nexus series has made many records and just after the launch of Nexus 5, Nexus fans started expecting about the next change in Nexus series. Not only the superior hardware is the reason behind the popularity of Nexus series but also the cheaper price is most attractive factor and possibilities shows Google will maintain this discipline in upcoming beast too.

Nexus 6

Google Nexus 6 release date

All the Google Nexus fans are just waiting to hear something about the Google Nexus 6 release date. In the couple of past few months there were few leaks regarding the next smartphone from Google. Nexus 6 could be the last smartphone in the series and after this smartphone Google might launch separate series. Only Nexus 6 name is available in the list if we follow the sequence i.e. Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 8 and Nexus 10. There are still chances that Google will continue the series with name Nexus “subscript”.  But at present, our primary concentration is on Nexus 6. In July, Apple will come with the iPhone 6 and it is also expected that Samsung may launch Note 4 (earlier) in August and accordingly, Google might be lost in the race. So, Google will take the chance and might bring Nexus 6 earlier then the scheduled month (November).  So, be ready and start the count down. Just few months more and we will hear something official regarding the Google Nexus 6 release date from Google to be specific in second quarter of 2014.

The myth of flexible display in Nexus 6

Google Nexus series is known for superior and standard devices. Trend always brings changes in the future devices but the changes made should be acceptable and beneficial and also should not affect the overall profits. If take all these things in account then there is very less probability that we will see some unusual display in next Google Nexus 6. But for sure, high-resolution display would be the part, to be specific we might see 2K resolution display in next Nexus 2014.

Also few Chinese manufacturers have brought the world’s first 2K resolution display and now its time for other manufacturer to think about it. Since two years, LG is the manufacturer of Google Nexus smartphone. No doubt, LG has played a major role in Google Nexus series history and hopefully, LG would be the Nexus 6 manufacturer. LG is itself a good known manufacturer of displays and chances that LG would do some acceptable experiments in the Nexus 6 display resolution.

Nexus 6

This year design of Nexus 6 is going to be interesting. Internal leaks have suggested that Nexus series would be reborn with all new design but we won’t see metal alloy body in Nexus 6 because it will also affect the price and Google will definitely wants to manufacture the next Nexus at the minimum cost, so that it can sell it at cheaper price.

Google Nexus 6 Specs

  • True 8-core performance processor with clock speed up to 3 GHz
  • 4GB physical memory (RAM)
  • 16MP ULS (ultra low light sensitivity) sensor
  • 5’ UHD (2K) display (energy efficient)
  • 3000+ mAh battery
  • 32GB, 64GB and 128GB on-board memory
  • Possibly finger print sensor

The above specifications looks interesting on paper and if Google will launch the next Nexus with these expected specifications then there would not be any smartphone that would able to give competition but on other hand, if LG would be the manufacturer then LG would have something similar and better i.e. LG G3 (price would be greater).

Quad-core processor is common even in mid-range smartphone example is Moto G. And this year Octa-core processor would be definitely common and trend of 8-core is also started and there are few brands that are promising to bring 16-core processor smartphone in the market but the journey is long. We would see all things step by step, if they would be any jump then of course there would be jump in price too.

Nexus 6 price range

The history of Nexus series is pretty interesting because of its vivid price range from other smartphone manufacturer of similar quality and superiority in terms of hardware & specifications. If analyze the history then we can compute that Nexus 6 price would be around 450 USD and in that price we would able to get the maximum specifications as per the market trend and usability.

The Incomplete Story

There exists no appropriate source presently, which can confirm the details regarding our flagship Google Nexus 6. And soon we will see the ready concepts of Nexus 6 but still the destination is far away. But we all will walk together in a same boat. You all could be the part here by commenting and sharing your thoughts regarding the next change in Google’s playground.

Also, as stated above Nexus 6 could be the last smartphone the series because Nexus 7 space-name is already captured by Nexus 7 tablet so no vacant spaces. But still we hope Google will keep continuing the series. Cheers!

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