Google Pixel 2: The date of the announcement, performance and cost

Flagship smartphones and Google Pixel, Pixel XL are certainly one of the most interesting vehicles in the 2016-2017 year. New products were introduced not long ago, in October of last year. But time passes, and Google is preparing a flagship smartphone Google Pixel 2. Confirmation of this fact – a lot of rumors and leaks with photos of the device design are there.

Google Pixel 2

Which smartphone we see in 2017: Nexus or Pixel 2?

Lokhaymer Hiroshi (Hiroshi Lockheimer), the head of the Android operating system from Google, said in October last year, the company is not going to completely turn off the Nexus program. But at the moment it has no plans to release any new devices under this brand. On this basis, Galagram suggests that Google’s next flagship will be called Pixel, not the Nexus. Rick Osterloh, Google’s senior vice president of devices, also confirmed that the Pixel will get a successor in 2017 under the name Pixel 2.

Date Google Pixel 2 outputs

Google’s senior vice president of devices and gadgets Rick Osterloh confirmed that Pixel 2 will be released in the second half of 2017. His direct quote: “In this industry is cyclical with a period of one year, so you can look forward to the announcement of the receiver from us this year.” employee also said that the flagship Pixel 2 will retain its former value. Program updates is somewhat reminiscent of Apple’s strategy when the new iPhone is worth the same as the previous one, but it has improved functions.


It is worth mentioning that the current generation of smartphones Google Pixel was announced at a special event October 5, 2016, and went on sale October 20. We expect the same date of the release date of commencement of sales for Google Pixel 2 in 2017.

Who will manufacture Pixel 2?

It is too early to guess who will have the honor to hold Pixel 2 smartphones for Google, we doubt that even Google Inc. is now knows who it will be. Most likely, the company has is itself in the throes of reflection and choice. Over the lifetime of the Nexus program, we’ll see guglofony from LG, HTC, Huawei, Samsung and Motorola. The creator of a new Google phone may be any of these partners, but equally it could be a brand new OEM-manufacturer, it may be the Chinese Xiaomi?

Release date and how much Pixel 2 will cost

The total cost of smartphones in the United States will remain unchanged. Thus, we can expect that the basic version of Google Pixel 2 will be sold in America in the Google Store for 649 dollars. We are not yet sure whether the older model is presented with an index XL, so while we will not judge its value.

What it will have a hardware platform and a camera?

Most sources say that the new Google Pixel 2 receive two dramatic improvements over the previous version: it is waterproof and it will have better camera. Current Pixel and Pixel XL have a degree of protection IP58, which means that they are protected from water (splash) and dust, but not insured by immersion in water. Model 2017 should receive the full protection of the body and contacts.


As for the camera, the source claims that the camera is not improved in terms of the number of megapixels, but with additional features. Google wants to focus on the smartphone to properly photograph in low light conditions, as this is the main problem of the existing cameras in mobile phones.

Which chipset is set to Google Pixel 2 – yet nowhere specified. Some sources say that now Google is considering Intel chips, MediaTek and of course Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Also, the new product should not expect the increase of RAM, support for Google Daydream platform and good performance. But the probability of occurrence of a dual-core camera Pixel 2 is extremely low.

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