HoloLens 2 will use artificial intelligence to recognize objects

HoloLens 2 will have a new holographic processor of greater power, which will be accompanied by a co-processor dedicated to working with artificial intelligence systems.

HoloLens 2

The proposal of the Redmond giant with HoloLens 2 is very ambitious, not only because of the possibilities that this new HPU has in terms of merging the real world with the virtual world, but also because of the potential that will be added by that co-processor since will allow the integration of real-time object recognition and deep learning systems.

To give you an idea of ​​what this might mean we give you a concrete practical example. With HoloLens 2 it would be possible to integrate a solution that is able to recognize objects from the environment and describe them to the user, something that could be of great help for people with blindness or serious visual deficiencies.

It could also recognize speech without problems and associate it with a person, something that could have a great practical utility for people who are deaf or with a low hearing capacity.

This chip will be integrated with the other components to reduce battery consumption and will not need any Internet connection to operate, which means that it will be a solution that can carry out its recognition work independently.

Microsoft Research is clear, the next generation of HoloLens will take the augmented reality to another level betting on increased power, artificial intelligence and deep learning systems.

We remind you that according to the latest information that we had occasion to see Microsoft has discarded version 2 of HoloLens and has embarked directly on the third version. This means that there will not be an economic version of the current generation, since the Redmond firm will jump directly to a new generation that will introduce important changes.

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