HP OMEN X Compact Desktop, convertible to VR backpack

HP OMEN X Compact Desktop is another of the equipment that has introduced HP to strengthen its line of computer equipment for games and that adds to others that we had opportunity to see as laptops OMEN 15 and 17 and graphics accelerator.

HP OMEN X Compact Desktop

As its name suggests, HP OMEN X Compact Desktop is a high-end desktop computer dedicated to the execution of video games and multimedia entertainment, which stands out for its versatility as it can be used on the desktop, in the living room and also inserted in a backpack to work in mobility with a virtual reality helmet, simply removing it from the base you see in the image and inserting it into a backpack that HP sells separately.

In a compact format for its power, HP installs maximum performance components, quad core Intel Core i7 processor and dedicated NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics, both factory overclocked and ready for 4K gaming.

Includes 16 Gbytes of DDR4 memory and 1 Tbyte solid-state drive. HP OMEN X Compact Desktop has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, support for DTS Headphone: X, 5 USB 3.1 ports, 1 USB-Type C port and DisplayPort and HDMI video outputs. The docking station adds a Thunderbolt port, another Mini DisplayPort, HDMI and more USB.

HP OMEN X Compact Desktop

The backpack is sold separately and has four 73 Wh batteries, two used and two on-load hot-swappable, which gives a total autonomy of two hours. Using it is as simple as removing it from its base, inserting it into the backpack and connecting a HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift.

Interesting this OMEN X Compact Desktop, which we can define as a compact PC convertible to BackPad or vice versa, a backpack that also works on the desktop or in the living room. HP OMEN X Compact Desktop will be available in the month of July for $ 2,499, while the backpack is priced at $ 599. No, it is not economical, but in return you have versatility and power for 4K and VR.

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