HP Z VR Backpack: A workstation in VR backpack format

HP Z VR Backpack is the flagship product of the new Virtual Reality portfolio presented by the US multinational and includes hardware, new technologies, international alliances with Intel, NVIDIA, Technicolor or HTC Vive and the opening of thirteen dive centers around the world, one of them in Barcelona.

HP Z VR Backpack

The company defines the HP Z VR Backpack as “the first professional wearable PC on the planet”. It is a work station in backpack format that comes to be the variant for the professional and corporate market of OMEN X Compact Desktop, the high-level desktop computer dedicated to the execution of video games and multimedia entertainment, which stands out for its versatility Which can be used on the desktop, in the living room and also inserted in a backpack to work in mobility with a virtual reality helmet.

HP Z VR Backpack is similar although it focuses more on mobile jobs for the industrial sector. It features an ergonomic design and hot-swappable batteries to provide unrestricted freedom and greater autonomy than the consumer model.

Like OMEN, HP also includes a docking solution, which enables digital creators to make a quick transition between the desktop and the digital flat for content design and validate creations.

HP Z VR Backpack

As for hardware, HP has not been cut and the Z VR is even more powerful than OMEN. Includes an Intel Core i7-7820HQ quad-core processor and vPro variant for increased security and management. The graphic section is covered by a professional “card” such as the NVIDIA Quadro P5200 with 16 Gbytes of dedicated memory.

It can equip up to 32 GB of DDR4-2400 RAM and internal storage up to 1 Tbyte. It includes a TPM 2.0 security module and other components required for the corporate market for which it is intended.

HP Z VR Backpack

As we said above, HP has partnered with HTC to use the Live with this computer. It is basically the same virtual reality helmet that we know in consumption, but with warranty and special support for companies and sold in a pack with this HP Z VR Backpack.

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