HP’s Cortana Speaker: A digital Assistant

Microsoft has shown at the Taiwan a digital assistant developed by HP in wireless speaker format, under the technology and voice commands provided by Cortana.

Microsoft, Google and Apple soon, are catching up on digital assistants. A segment driven and led from Amazon with its devices with Alexa, who have been able to open a new product category.

HP’s Cortana Speaker

Microsoft already announced during the opening of the BUILD that partners such as HP and Intel were working on connected devices backed by Cortana, which is given name as HP’s Cortana Speaker and it is the personal assistant that is present in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

During the conference, they also introduced the Cortana Skills Kit, a development SDK that Microsoft wants to make it easier for developers to create applications and cross-platform applications because it is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS.

Microsoft has only shown images of the new digital assistant – HP’s Cortana Speaker, without revealing its hardware and announcing price or release date, but confirming that HP will enter the business of these wizards that offer sound from nearby devices or via streaming from the Internet, functions Domotic control, news and information, Internet shopping and, in general, access to services through voice commands.

Recall that last month was presented “Invoke”, a voice assistant developed by audio specialist, Harman Kardon, using Cortana technology. In terms of design and construction, it is very similar to the Amazon Echo since Harman Kardon has opted for a cylindrical finish, although it has given a touch to “Invoke” with the introduction of a metal finish that gives it a much more premium appearance if we compare with the plastic of the first.

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