HTC Link VR: Another semi-independent VR

HTC Link VR is a new virtual reality helmet presented by the Taiwanese firm that already has developments such as HTC Vive, perhaps the most powerful consumer device on the market.


HTC produces mobile phones and VR devices. So it was not difficult to mix both and offer a device midway, based on smartphones in competition to the Samsung Gear VR or Daydream View Google, but with its own characteristics.

HTC Link VR will be the first to support six degrees of freedom in tracking the movement. Although it works with the power of a smartphone, it has its own built-in displays, two of 3.66 inches with 1080 x 1200 pixel resolution, with a 90 Hz refresh rate and a 110 degree field of view.


The HTC Link VR has a 2.800 mAh battery, a USB type C port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

HTC Link VR will debut in Japan and in principle will only be supported by the HTC U11, the next top of the Taiwanese company. We do not know price, if it will reach the international market and if it will be supported for other Android terminals.

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