HTC One X10: Review – Salvation or the nail?

For quite a long time, HTC has setbacks. It started a couple of years ago, when the flagship steelmaker falling behind competitors, and even had the news that for the year in Russia it has been sold only 83 HTC flagship, it’s just a failure. Manufacturer correctly understood the direction and decided to go into the middle class, where the competition is just below, and where you can go to the popularity of once the coolest brands. A novelty was the HTC One X10 smartphone, which is located in the middle class. The device turned out quite technologically advanced and performance, build quality, camera and display are on top. However, could there be enough boring product to save the company from complete destruction?

HTC One X10


As expected, the processor of HTC One X10 is MediaTek Helio P10. Processor is built on 64-bit architecture, eight processing cores clocked at 2.0 GHz, which gives you decent performance and the ability to play any game, to enjoy all the applications and social networking clients. Responsible for the graphics controller ARM Mali-T860, clocked at 700 MHz, which is also important. RAM for the One X10 is 3 GB, this modern smartphone is enough for the eyes. Built in memory is 32 GB, with it is possible to store all required content, but there is also the possibility to put the memory card.

Case design

In the device HTC One X10 appearance, we noticed small changes for the better. Let’s start with the fact that there is no HTC logo on the front panel that it was quite out of place, but only a view of the port. Now under the display there is nothing above the camera, speaker and sensors, the scope of the right and left are minimized and the product looks very stylish. The back side is also doing well – the camera and the flash does not project beyond the housing, the sensor fingerprint is also there. There’s also the company logo. Through a set of body colors, the buyer will be able to pick up something for yourself, it pleases.


As always, the first thing we look at the smartphone is always display as this is an important parameter when choosing a smartphone. Here, the display for HTC One X10 is of 5.5 inches, diagonal is already familiar to the market, resolution is 1920 by 1080 pixels, and the matrix is​ based on IPS technology with wide viewing angles and other benefits. The front cam of the smartphone is of 16 MP which can provide good quality pictures. There is a video recording in 1080p, while the record is good enough, you can keep your video blog easily.


The only bizarre moment in the whole presentation is the cost of HTC One X10- it just did not call at the moment. This is a big problem when writing the article, do not know the cost, we cannot assess the adequacy of the product. If the gadget is worth $ 300, then it is very steep and your money will give you a huge range of options, but if the new product costs $ 450-500, it is quite another matter. Here, we presented the review of HTC One X10.

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