HTC U11 disassembled and examined from the inside

Last month, the company introduced, the flagship smartphone HTC U11. On the one hand, it is the successor of last year’s HTC 10, and on the other – refers to the new line of the U, launched earlier this year.


Previously, it is tested in different benchmarks and tested the capabilities the camera in difficult conditions.

The other day a well-known blogger Zack Nilsson, tested the device on the strength of his trademark way. As it turned out, the smart phone is best not to carry in your back pocket. After that, Zach decided to disassemble HTC U11, to learn how the device is arranged inside.

Since, HTC U11 is protected from water standard IP67, it can be forgotten after the dismantling of a complete seal. Zach said that all cables inside the smartphone neatly stacked, which was not in the precursor. In addition, virtually all of the components, including the battery, is easy enough to detach and replace.

The most interesting thing is that HTC U11 turned from inside pressure sensors located near the side frames. With their help, the user can compress the smartphone to get quick access to different functions. As it turned out, replace the sensor without damage is almost impossible.

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