HTC U11 Mini: Rumored smartphone, Specs

HTC U11 Mini would be the variant for the mid-range of the latest top of the range in smartphones of the Taiwanese firm. It would be being developed under the codename “Ocean Life” and would hit the market in the coming months.

HTC U11 Mini

HTC U11 Mini would slightly reduce the size of the HTC U11, to 5.2 inches from the 5.5 inches. Also resolution, from 2K of flagship to 1080p of this “mini”.

The terminal would use the Snapdragon 660 from Qualcomm, a competent chipset although far from the performance of the Snapdragon 835 that mounts the standard model. Its battery would have a capacity of 2,600 mAh, ignoring the capacity of RAM and storage that would offer.

As for design, HTC would keep the latest HTC 11, “flattening” the previous bulges of the camera or USB connector Type-C and other details. HTC U11 Mini would not mount the dual sensor in the rear camera and neither the Edge Sense, pressure sensors on the sides of the terminal that can be used as shortcuts to open applications, take a picture or other actions.

All to reduce the price of this HTC U11 Mini and introduce it with greater guarantees in the competitive premium media range. It would use Android 7.1.1 and the usual layer of user interface of the Taiwanese firm, Sense 9.0. We do not have price, availability or official confirmation of this model.

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