HTC will not launch a HTC Vive 2 until it is truly inventive

The virtual reality takes to a while in the market but we can say that it has had a rather modest success, a reality that has led us to ask ourselves on more than one occasion if we will end up seeing an Oculus Rift 2 and a HTC Vive 2 in the short term.

Both kits would be the successors of the first generation versions that are currently commercialized and as we know coexist with other alternatives cheaper, among which we can quote from PSVR for PS4 and PS4 Pro to the Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard.

HTC Vive 2

The ecosystem of kits of virtual reality that exists today is of the most varied and taking into account the situation in which the market is found it is compressible that some manufacturers want to take a little brake. The idea is simple, try to squeeze your product or current products to the maximum and not renew until it is really necessary.

HTC is one of the companies that has decided to bet on this approach, as confirmed by its chief executive of the division HTC Vive (Daniel O’Brien), who has said that they are in no hurry to launch a HTC Vive 2 and will only come to the market when it is a truly innovative product.

This means that the Taiwanese firm does not intend to follow a specific cycle or a model of periodic renewal with fixed deadlines, as for example in the smartphone market with terminals such as Galaxy or iPhone, which are renewed annually.

This is good news as this helps to avoid getting into a cycle of programmed obsolescence, although it is also understandable since the market dedicated to virtual reality is still somewhat “green” and has a long way to go. What is said means that adopting a model of renovation of kits (hardware) would also not be profitable. Stay updated until we get news about HTC Vive 2.

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