Huawei Honor 10: The future may well be predictable

Unlike other novelties of 2018, the future semi-flagship of the Huawei Honor 10 is quite predictable, and even now it is possible to “predict” its technical characteristics and other parameters with a fairly high probability.

The only difficult point in this kind of forecasting is what kind of design Huawei conceives for Honor 10. At the moment the company does not lend itself to new trends like huge Galaxy S8 from Samsung, but in the future everything can change.

Huawei Honor 10

So, in November of this year, Huawei should present the first smartphone of this kind – Mate 10, but it is not yet known whether it is planned to extend this experiment to other top-end lines of the company, including the future Honor 10.

Release date and price

Following the established tradition, Huawei Honor 10 should be presented in July 2018 and in the same month appear on virtual and physical storefronts. Unlike its competitors, Huawei provides itself with processors and other important components to the fullest.

Price of Huawei Honor 10 at the start of sales, most likely, will be about 450 US dollars.


In that, as a basis Huawei Honor 10 will take its new chip HiSilicon Kirin 970, you can hardly doubt. For more than a year, mobile processors have been “inherited” in the direction of Mate -> P Series -> Honor between the top-end manufacturers.

For reference:

The Kirin 970 is a 10-nanometer chipset produced by the HiSilicon subsidiary, which includes an eight-core CPU and a new-generation graphics accelerator. It is expected to use new high-performance cores ARM Cortex-A75 and energy-efficient Cortex-A55.

The announcement is scheduled for the third quarter of 2017, and the first smartphone on its base will be Huawei Mate 10. More details about this mobile processor, you can read in a separate material.

Unlike its predecessors, Honor 10 Huawei should get quite an “adult” amount of RAM – 6 GB (although while the manufacturer demonstratively declares that such values ​​are not needed by anyone – “4 Gb is enough for everyone”). The capacity of the built-in flash drive is expected to be 64/128 GB UFS.

The main camera of Huawei Honor 10 with a probability of 100% will be double. It is necessary to expect the appearance of an “honest” optical zoom (and not like the current generation). But expensive optics from the legendary Leica should not wait. Still, the Honor line has always been positioned as a “budget flagship”.

As for the screen while there are questions. In principle, nothing hinders Huawei to put on a novelty matrix with a resolution of QHD 1440 × 2560 pixels, but the use of the FullHD screen is more likely. Is that the company wants to release an inexpensive alternative Galaxy S8 / S9 with a large frameless screen in a compact package.

Most likely, Huawei Honor 10 will run a new version of Android O (code name) with the proprietary shell Emotion UI. The battery capacity is 3200-3600 mAh, fast charging, USB Type-C 1.0 (+ OTG). Also, there is no way to support two SIM-cards and, most likely, the possibility of installing a microSD memory card.

Huawei Honor 10 Lite

Probable budget version of the “almost flagship”, referring to the average price range. Should differ less powerful processor from the line of HiSilicon 6XX, 4 GB of RAM, single main camera and cheaper materials of the case. In this case, the dimensions are the same as for the more advanced “original”.

Huawei Honor 10 Pro

Another possible modification of Honor 10 with “pumped” technical characteristics. Worth waiting (in case of its appearance):

  • Large 5.7-5.8-inch screen with a resolution of QHD 1440 × 2560 pixels.
  • A very impressive battery with a capacity of 4000-4500 mAh.
  • 8 Gb of RAM LPDDR4x.

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