Huawei Honor 9: Price revealed for many countries

Honor presented its last flagship a few days ago. The company introduced the new high-end phone 2017, Huawei Honor 9, a couple of weeks ago. The mobile has been launched in China but has not yet reached our continent. Now, finally, thanks to a leak in Amazon, we can know the price of Huawei Honor 9 in Europe and as well as other countries.

Huawei Honor 9

Honor 9, Features

Honor 9 was introduced a few days ago and was released in China by the brand. A high-end phone that came with a 5.1-inch screen with Full HD resolution and a metal design, with premium and glossy finish.

Inside, the phone works with a Kirin 960 processor and comes with two different internal storage options and RAM. Huawei Honor 9 can be purchased in two different versions of 4 GB of RAM or 6 GB of RAM and in several different versions of storage: 64 GB or 128 GB. The mobile came running with Android 7.1 and the brand layer, EMUI 5.1.

Huawei Honor 9

As for its cameras, the Honor 9 works with a main dual camera of 20 megapixels and 12 megapixels of resolution. A combination we have already seen in the Huawei P10, for example. The phone operates on a 3,200 mAh battery and has fast charging technology.

Honor 9 Price

In China it was announced a few weeks ago for prices ranging from 300 euros to 400 euros, depending on the model that is chosen.

The phone is expected to be launched in Germany on June 27 but its price has been shown on Amazon for a few moments, long enough for the famous leakster to get the information and the price.

Huawei Honor 9 will arrive in Europe, according to this leak, priced at 429 euros for the model of 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. According to the leak, in addition, the company would launch an exit promotion in which would be returned 30 euros so that the mobile could be bought in Germany for 399 euros.

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