Huawei Honor Note 9: Release Date

According to insiders, the release date of Huawei Honor Note 9 is planned for September this year, that is, the new huge flagship of the Chinese company with a 6.6-inch frame-free screen will appear a month later relative to its predecessor a year ago.

Huawei Honor Note 9

As for the exact date and time of the announcement of Huawei Honor Note 9, Huawei representatives have not commented on this moment. Nevertheless, it is most likely that the smartphone will be shown at the international exhibition IFA 2017 in Berlin, which will be held from 1 to 6 September.

Anyone who does not get to the presentation will not only be able to see Huawei Honor Note 9, but also hold it in the hands of the company’s stand. As for the launch of the novelty in the market, it should also be held in September this year, although depending on the country, the dates may vary.

It should be noted that this year Huawei ties up with cheap smartphones and focuses its efforts on devices of the upper and middle price ranges. And the main markets along with China are the United States and developed countries of the European Union.

Thus, the date of the release of Honor Note 9 in few countries may be postponed to a later date, since the countries of ex-USSR are currently not among the priority of the company. And a separate question – what price tag Huawei plans for its novelty.

Previous Note 8 cost about 475 dollars at the time of its release, but the new Huawei Honor Note 9 will be clearly more expensive due to more advanced components (for example, the QHD screen is 1440 × 2560 pixels), and also due to the general tendency to increase the cost of flagship smartphones.

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