Huawei P11 Release & Specs

Huawei P11 Release & Specs: Complete Information

Upcoming Huawei P11 will have a unique design that will mark a major renovation in front of everything we have seen in the last terminals of the Chinese giant, because although it will maintain the 18: 9 format it will be implemented in a different way.

Huawei P11 Release & Specs

In the Huawei Mate 10 and Huawei Mate 10 Pro the Chinese company followed the approach we had seen in terminals such as the LG G6, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, using a standard 18: 9 format with reduced borders.

For against Apple bet on the iPhone X by a different approach that involved the introduction of a notch on the top to accommodate the front camera and sensors, while Xiaomi kept in the Mi MIX 2 the idea of the first model and left only one edge at the bottom.

Well according to that filtration the Huawei P11 will have a notch on the top that could be similar to the iPhone X, although as we can see by the image that accompanied its length would be lower and therefore would have less impact on the screen.

If this new screen design is confirmed the Huawei P11 could have a 6.01-inch OLED panel manufactured by Samsung whose resolution would be 2,240 x 1,080 pixels, a small increase compared to the standard panels of 2,160 x 1,080 pixels that would be possible thanks to the partial reduction of the upper edge.

For the rest, we hope that this new terminal of Huawei has a SoC Kirin 970, 6 GB of RAM 64 GB of storage capacity and a new configuration of camera.

As soon as it’s still a very long way away from launch, below you will find some of the very notable rumours concerning the telephone up to now, together with our speculation about a possible UK cost and launch date.

Release date of Huawei P11

As was the situation with all the Huawei P10 before this season, we envision that the Huawei P11 is going to be published in early 2018 using a potential Mobile World Congress reveal.

If you are in the united states and on AT&T, we are hearing that the cellular network will be supplying the Huawei P11 or even Huawei Mate 10.

Obviously, that is only our view, and we’ll update this part with more precise information after we get it. Ensure that you check out our finest smartphones of 2017 graph.

Huawei P11 price:

We are still some way away from figuring out the official cost of this forthcoming Huawei P11. However, we could gauge a rough price range based on past releases.

Judging from the USD449 cost of this Huawei P9 along with the marginally costlier USD569 price label of this Huawei P10, we envision that the Huawei P11 will cost somewhere in the selection of USD550 and USD600. Even though Huawei’s flagship costs were once competitive when compared to Samsung and Apple, it is gradually changing.

What rumors have to say?

With that being said, the Honor 9 is the very first playoff cellphone to ‘perform an Apple’ and eliminate the 3.5millimeter headphone jack in the smartphone, indicating that it might also be eliminated from the next year’s Huawei P11. It is a movement that Apple has faced much criticism for, and is something which lots of Android makers have avoided up to now.

At a concept video printed in August that the Huawei P11 is revealed to possess a titanium body, a full-screen screen and an under-glass fingerprint scanner:

But just like Apple’s iPhone X the forthcoming Huawei P11 is supposed to enhance screen space on its own 6.01in screen by replicating Apple’s top notch.

We anticipate it’ll comprise the 10nm Kirin 970, that’s the processor which may feature in the Mate 10 and can be thought to provide 25 times greater CPU performance and 50 times larger energy efficiency.

Huawei Kirin 970 chip

Huawei leaked the Kirin 970 in IFA 2017 before CEO Richard Yu’s keynote address at which he declared the chip will probably be within the Mate 10. That phone will soon be declared on 16 October. We are supposing that the P11 will get that, too.

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