Images of Canceled Nokia Mercury, the tablet with Windows 8.1

Last week we had the chance to meet Microsoft’s Surface Mini, a tablet that was canceled and despite being finished, and today we have found real images of Nokia Mercury, the small format tablet with Windows 8.1 that was preparing Nokia.

Nokia Mercury

Like the Surface Mini ended up being canceled, but Nokia Mercury represented a totally different bet since it did not use a processor with ARM architecture but an Intel chip with CPU type x86.

If you look at the image we will see that the SoC that mounted Mercury was an Atom Z3795 with four-core and 64-bit CPU at 1.59 GHz-2.39 GHz, which was accompanied by an integrated Intel HD graphics at 311 MHz-778 MHz, normal and turbo mode.

The rest of its specifications are completed with 2GB of RAM, 32GB of expandable storage capacity and 4G LTE connectivity. This last feature is one of the most interesting, since it would have allowed the tablet to be always connected thanks to the mobile data.

Nokia Mercury

By making a direct comparison with the Surface Mini we see that Nokia Mercury was superior, not only because of its technical specifications but also because using an x86 architecture processor allowed it to overcome one of the great limitations of the Microsoft solution.

Surface Mini used Windows RT and therefore was limited to the applications of the Windows Store, while the Nokia tablet could also use the entire ecosystem of Win32 applications without any problem, which made it a much more versatile and attractive solution.

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